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Kara's Story

Kara is what one may call a Fit Foodie. As a professional bodybuilder in the World’s Natural Bodybuilding Federation she believes whole-heartedly that food is the best medicine and the key to optimal health. She has a passion for health and wellness and helping people achieve their best health. Her ultimate goal is to help people take back control of their own health so they can live, feel and look their best and believes that is starts with nutrition. Kara is currently pursuing her level 1 Precision Nutrition Certification.


As an athlete growing up, she was competitive swimmer, played college softball and had a very active lifestyle. As most teenagers and young adults, Kara went down a path of partying and fast food for a period of time in her early 20’s and it was her body that roared back after years of carelessness. She was anxiety ridden, low energy, horrible allergies, and struggled with body image and confidence. After endless appointments to allergy specialists and doctors offices that wanted to prescribe multiple costly tests, prescriptions, and anti-depressants enough was enough. Kara knew deep down that none of this was the answer to her healing. She set out of her own mission to seek out alternative approaches that felt true to her and seek out people that would listen to her rather than just prescribe a pill.


What Kara came to discover is that she is the master of her own health. She has seen and experienced first hand the beneficial effects of proper nutrition and using nutrition as medicine to restore and improve her own health. Along this health journey she also discovered a new passion for cooking and creating in the kitchen. Through nutrition and exercise she went on change her body from the inside out. Free from anxiety, her complexion improved, allergies completely gone, new and improved energy, and improved body composition. But the true benefit came in the form of self-confidence and a power she gained in knowing she was in control of her health.