Is a Nutrition Consult Right For You?

Are you exhausted?

Do you wish you slept better?

Do you have bloating, gas, or acid reflux?

Do you find yourself crashing everyday around 2-4pm?

Do you get headaches or brain fog?

Are you finding it difficult to lose weight?

Follow Up Consultation 45-60 minutes: $115

  • A comprehensive assessment examining goals, medical history, diet, and lifestyle.​

  • Dietary Analysis and Macronutrient Balance

  • Recipes and Meal Planning Ideas

  • Herbal and Supplement Recommendations

  • Lifestyle Recommendations for stress, sleep, and exercise

  • Continued nutrition education

  • Evaluate current plan and opportunity to make changes

  • Identify barriers to change and how to overcome them

  • Opportunity for continued improvement and support as well as access or reevaluate goals

  • Encouragement and Accountability


Initial Consultation 90 minutes: $150

basket of fresh food
Are you looking for support or accountability?
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