Corporate Nutrition

Presentations and Lunch and Learns

Do you want personalized, engaging, and creative nutrition seminars to motivate and educate your employees? You can choose from a topic below or request a customized presentation to meet your company's specific needs:

  • Mood & Food

  • Optimizing Brain Health and Memory

  • Food On The Go: Eating Well While Traveling

  • Dietary Supplements: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • Holiday Eating: How to Survive the Bulge

  • How to Break your Weight Loss Plateau

  • Stop Dieting: Mindful and Intuitive Eating

  • Nutrition for the Whole Family

  • Debunking Diet Myths

  • Smart Shopping & Meal Planning

Personalized Health Screenings and Consultations
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Employees can take advantage of a private consultation. The consultations review medical history, exercise, stress, and nutrition that encourage long term healthy eating habits through realistic and achievable goals. One-one-one coaching has proven to deliver 2.5 times more participant weight loss than cookie cutter, information-only, web-based programs. 

Example areas I can assist with:

General healthy eating

Cholesterol management

Blood pressure management

Allergies and intolerances

IBS/gut health

Sports Nutrition

Women's Health

Weight management

Diabetes management

Food and Beverage Review

Food can affect your mood and performance. Are your current food and beverage offerings the best options for your employees?

Client's I have worked with:

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Would you like to explore how corporate nutrition can positively impact your employees mood and performance?
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