In Home Personal Training for Colorado Springs

In-Home Personal Training provides you with convenience and saves you time and money. Why not workout in the comfort of your own home without the monthly cost of a gym membership? We come to you with the equipment needed to give you a great workout.

In the initial evaluation we explore fitness goals and go over detailed medical history questionnaire. We evaluate your current fitness level and discuss any physical limitations you may have. Initial weight and waist/hip measurements will be taken as a baseline in order to track your progress.

We offer personalized programs and training packages based on your health and fitness goals including:

  • Personalized fitness plan and goal setting

  • Customized Training Protocol

  • Correction and development on exercise form

  • Weekly progress check-ins

Fitness Offerings

Nutrition & Weight Loss: 

Let us help you achieve the body you want! No more yo-yo dieting and the cycle of losing weight and gaining it back. We successfully help clients lose weight and keep it off! Clients will often trade a training session for a nutrition session. Let us personalize an exercise program for you that gets you results!

Resistance Training: 

A good resistance training plan doesn’t have to be complicated. The best results come from correct form and correct weight. Resistance training uses many different modalities including free weights, resistance bands, stability balls, and balance boards to build strength and tone muscle. 

Circuit Training: 

Circuit training uses high intensity aerobics and targets specific muscle groups  to build strength and increase muscular endurance. 

Interval Training:

 Involves a series of low to high intensity exercise workouts with alternating rest periods. There are many benefits to interval training such as  increasing your metabolism and fat burning!

Pre/Post Rehabilitation from injuries

Whether you are preparing for surgery or rehabilitating from surgery or an injury, it’s crucial to have expert guidance in order to know your limits while still achieving results. We can also work with your physical therapist to carry out specific exercises given to you.

Functional and Corrective Exercise: 

Do you have knee or back pain? Often times, pain is the result of a muscle imbalance. We perform a series of postural assessments to get to the root of the problem, in order to discover probable muscles that are either overactive or underactive. From there we develop a fitness plan focused on strengthening or flexibility exercises for specific muscle groups.

Sports Performance


Balance and Flexibility Training



If you have a gym at your house, great! If not, all you need is a 10x10 space indoors or outdoors. The trainer will come prepared with portable equipment.


We will find an outdoor open space that is convenient for both the trainer and you. The trainer will bring some equipment to make sure every part of the body is fully worked on.

Ready to get fit?

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