"I’ve been a member of Lifetime Fitness, on and off, for over 4 years. It was something I did grudgingly, because I would see little-to-no results. And if I did see any results, I would plateau and quickly tire of the gym routine. It was discouraging to say the least. So much so that I frequently canceled, only to sign up during the New Year's Resolution hype, only to cancel soon after again. During this time, I've participated in classes and boot camps in addition to working out, but I never sought the help of a Personal Trainer. I was so insecure, I feared that the Personal Trainer's were only there to yell and highlight my inability to lose weight. Maybe it was the constant watching of The Biggest Loser (Or was it Dodgeball?), but I also had this incredibly insane notion that the trainer's were only there to flaunt their perfect bodies to remind me of something that I don't have to further discourage me. Think that Porsche I don't have. Crazy, but that's how I felt! That was how I felt before. However, I've had the wonderful opportunity of working with Brittany Schneider for a little over a month and my mindset has changed a lot since seeking her help. She's brought clarity, motivation, and a wealth of knowledge to this weight loss game. You see, she's taught me that losing weight isn't just about working out extensively, but knowing the nutritional aspect as well. Through her nutritional sessions, I've learned that I wasn't eating enough and eating enough of the right kinds of foods. At first I thought it was strange because we've been taught that to lose weight, we have to eat less and exercise more. But I was working out on extremely low energy. My body was running on fumes without the right amount and right kinds of foods, which was why I wasn't seeing much results. I feel as though I finally have a grasp on this weight loss puzzle because of Brittany. I have been very impressed by her passion to help me and others. She's provided guidance on the vast amounts of products and services the gym has to offer without sounding like a salesperson. Simply put, she's genuinely interested in helping people. This isn't just a job to her. Brittany has been very caring and attentive to my goals, recognizing what my limits are, and how far she can push me. She encourages and motivates me to do more and try harder! I've lost 30lbs and I feel so much better! I've been more energetic and I've been sleeping better! I've gone down a full pants size and I've gone down on my shirt size too. She deserves the highest of recognition because I feel she's truly saved my life! Who knows how long I would have gone before quitting again? I thank her and Lifetime Fitness and plan to be a long-term client. Thank you Brittany from the bottom of my heart!"


-Thomas Y. Colorado Springs, CO

"I am very pleased with the results that I have achieved while working with Brittany. Brittany suggested several options for me in regards to diet and supplements and I am seeing results due to the changes I have made. I am sleeping better at night, I have no heartburn, I feel more energized and have lost weight. It is amazing that changing the foods you eat can affect your whole being! I highly recommend Brittany; she is intelligent, expresses herself well, a good listener and she is very kind and thoughtful." 


- Barbara W. Colorado Springs, CO

"Brittany has helped me look at the way I eat in a new and inspiring way. She really got to know me through the 2-hour in depth Skype consultation so she could personalize my plan instead of giving me generic advice. It was great having her for support and she never left me feeling judged for my shortcomings, which makes moving toward my goals much easier. I have an entirely different attitude about food and my Crossfit training. Nutrition is something I actually look forward to working on rather than a dreaded diet. I cannot recommend Brittany enough to everyone and look forward to working with her to improve my health and fitness going forward." 

-Danny H.

"Brittany is a truly phenomenal nutritionist. She worked with me specifically in the capacity to improve my daily nutrition habits and my competition nutrition plan. I am an avid cyclist and wanted to lose weight, reduce body fat and not lose strength in the process. She listens, creates personalized plans, is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled and a pleasure to work with. As a result of her guidance, I was able to reduce (and maintain) weight to target level, reduce BF by 5% and actually increase power / strength. My performance has improved on the bike and my eating habits are much healthier. She has my highest recommendation."

- Vince S. Colorado Springs, CO

“I joined a very high end health club very skeptical of the value and degree of trainer I would be working with. I told myself I would find a trainer, find a nutritionist and give my all in my path to healthy living. I met Brittany at 6 AM on a Monday morning. She asked me what I wanted out of our appointments and what my level of dedication would be. These were fair questions and I gave her honest answers. She didn’t laugh at me, she took my skepticism in stride and listened to my concerns. She listened. No trainer had ever listened, they always had their canned responses quoting literature that I had never read, but she actually listened. Our journey took two months, and during those 16 sessions Brittany changed my life. She taught me to recognize my weaknesses and establish realistic goals. Building upon them until I accomplished the unimaginable. I lost 16 pounds and 4 inches on my waistline. I never felt healthier. She also listened to my whining about the Registered Dietician who barely gave me any options and put me on a detox diet almost immediately. Brittany helped me design my breakfast, lunch and dinner to balance my energy levels during the day and even suggested snacks that were healthy and tasty. Her creativity when it came to nutrition demonstrated the breadth of knowledge that I had never encountered before. I valued her personal training and nutrition advice but more than anything I value the bond we developed. She saw in me someone who could become the healthier person I dreamed of. She believed in me when I doubted myself and she pushed me when I thought I couldn’t be pushed any further. I am a better person now because of her.”

-Alhassan E. 

"Brittany is an outstanding trainer.  She is the perfect combination of tough (pushing me when I need it) and warm (enthusiastically cheering me on).  Every session I have had has been unique and tailored for me, thought out ahead of time for when she gets to my house.  If I need to miss sessions due to my schedule she provides me with written exercises (to include instructions on how to do them) so I can continue my workouts.  Brittany is the most professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and committed trainer I have ever worked with.  Not only is she an excellent trainer, but exceptionally knowledgeable on nutrition and provides me with information to help me in achieving my goals.  She knows more of what I'm capable of doing than I know myself.  Because of her, I am stronger, more flexible, and healthier. Thank you Brittany, you are a gem!"


- Wendy H. 

"Working with Brittany has been such a positive and fun experience for me.  Frankly, I don’t like to exercise but there is something special about Brittany’s ability to lead, give positive feedback, instruction and motivate me to work hard.  At the same time, she made sure that I was able to read her lips because I am profoundly deaf.

Brittany’s knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement along with her sense of humor helped me progress far beyond what I had imagined. As a direct result of my training with Brittany, I have become stronger, more confident, happier and healthier."


-Angie O. 

“During our personal training days Brittany would focus on my weak areas while still making sure I got a full body workout. She would push me to do more reps, but only when she knew I could. It was never like a drill sergeant, it was always a supportive push. In the group fitness classes there were people of all different ages, sizes and skill levels. That was when I really saw her diversity as a trainer. She was able to make it challenging enough for me, while modifying the workouts for people who were not as fit. Some people had never really exercised before and she was always able to make the class doable for everyone. We also had many conversations about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. She knows her stuff! She helped to modify a few things in my diet to help my performance and also recommended different supplements and protein powders that I still use. These were all things she was using or had used herself, and I found that refreshing. She wasn’t trying to sell me on something, she was just letting me know what worked for her.”


- Mallory S.

“Brittany was exactly what I needed to get my butt off the couch. Friendly but firm and certainly passionate about what she does. She pushed me and called bull**it when I made excuses. And yet she still made it seem fun!”


- Jen S. 

“I have tried many gyms, classes and trainers and until I used Brittany I never saw any results. Her workouts were tough, innovative and produced results. I really liked that she mixed things up – and she really tailored the workouts to meet my specific goals. I saw results very quickly and most times, I would feel more sore than a boot camp class.”


- Mike C.